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Just ordered two belts....both 1 1/4 West End Bridle Belts.  One in Australian Nut, one in Black with nickel buckles.  They look great and I'm looking forward to making them my everyday belts.  Sadly, I have to wait a month!  Hard to find such highly recommended products that are still handmade.  Thanks for the great job Charlie and Dawn.  
Wore my new AS Thompson Snuff Suede shoes yesterday.  Fantastic!  Thanks again to AFPOS for the great service.  
Grenson Nordstrom Rack Lucky Jeans  
New Alfred Sargent Exclusive Suede Monks.   Pantherella  Calvin Klein  
Just ordered a pair of AS Thompson suede monks in snuff. Gorgeous and can't wait to get them!
Casual today.... Grenson Suede Oxfords Nordstrom Socks  
Club Monaco....they're great, slim fitting cardigans.  
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