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Right...forgot that..wow, this is hurting. Calculated it out and it will be just over $100. I should have just sent them to my cousin in Germany and saved a bit.
Actually there is a trick. What we've done before, is go to the Fed Ex location and tell them we want to clear the item ourselves. Basically you ask for the shipment manifest, and make sure you have proof of payment, and you go to the local customs office and they clear it for you, thus no brokerage. I have done it before and I will get my father to do it tomorrow. I should be only paying the $52 dollars in taxes, not $137.
Just the two pairs of classics. Nothing else.. Im located in Canada.
Thats what Fedex is asking me to pay to release the shoes.. (two pairs of Classics)
$137 in custom fees, not happening.
Mine were ordered on the 28th of January, and I will be receiving them today. Pretty bang on.
Looks my shoes are arriving tomorrow. I will hopefully get pictures from my father as they are being shipped to him, but he is coming for a visit next weekend and you'll have better pictures then.
My double monks, and my fathers single monks shipped and are on the way to me.
Went to Wvrst last night. Was packed. Food was pretty good, although the curry würst was not like I remember it. Beer was good as well. 
I have yet to receive a tracking number so honestly, I don't think they even shipped them out yet..
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