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Soma is fantastic btw.
Thanks!   My restaurant owning parents are coming up to Toronto next week (my father is a master chef) and I picked a couple spots to eat. They are:   Cava The Harbord Room Jacobs Sidecar
These are supposed to be the light brown. I'm not sure if they got it correct, or its just the lighting. The shoes are in another province but I will have them next Thursday and will post better pics then. However, the quality looks quite good.
My new pick-up. Meermin double monks, pardon the lighting. 
The blue is gorgeous.
Here is a quick picture my father took of my double-monks. I won't have them in my hand until next Thursday, but, they look fantastic. Super excited!! Sorry for the lighting.     
Gentlemen, any further thoughts on Magic Tailor, or other tailors in the city?
Right...forgot that..wow, this is hurting. Calculated it out and it will be just over $100. I should have just sent them to my cousin in Germany and saved a bit.
Actually there is a trick. What we've done before, is go to the Fed Ex location and tell them we want to clear the item ourselves. Basically you ask for the shipment manifest, and make sure you have proof of payment, and you go to the local customs office and they clear it for you, thus no brokerage. I have done it before and I will get my father to do it tomorrow. I should be only paying the $52 dollars in taxes, not $137.
Just the two pairs of classics. Nothing else.. Im located in Canada.
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