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Will be here until Monday morning so brunch will definetely be an option. On another note, I did end up getting a table at Patria for Thursday based on your reccomendation. The menu, looks much more traditional then Cava.
Finally going to have my shoes in hand on Thursday. Anxiousness is taking over.
Unfortunately Patria has nothing available on Thursday until 9:30..
Hi guys.   Never was a huge sunglasses person, but with spring/summer coming up in the next couple weeks/months ;) I am looking at a quality pair. Im fairly new to the companies and so forth but currently I am looking at a couple pairs from Cazal and Persol. Are these the two higher quality companies in the game? Of course some people suggested Tom Ford or even Gucci but I rather go for quality over the 'Gucci' label.   Any suggestions/comments...
Thanks for the suggestions. I have cancelled the reservation and we are instead going to Campagnolo on the Sunday. Trying to get into Patria instead of Cava because the menu looks fabulous, hopefully I can get a table. Many thanks. Was also planning on hitting up Black Hoof for lunch, as I LOVE the horse tartar. 
the girl in your profile pic though... oh lawd. 
Mostly good food. These were all recommendations from coworkers so I took their word. I am not from Toronto and have only been here for less than 2 months. Any changes/suggestions?
On another note, these bags are gorgeous.      
Wish shipping to Canada wasn't £35. :(
Although I haven't held the shoes in my hand YET (I hate waiting..) the overall consensus from my father was the shoes are excellent quality. The leather looks plush without irregularities and the sole/stiching looks on point. Obviously I won't know until I have them physically in my hands, but I think the people at Meermin have taken notice at the less than stellar quality control practices.
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