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Cheers! Much better ordering things online because let's be real..the shopping in Toronto isn't that great.
Gentlemen, for those that have ordered items/trial suits/finished suit ect, have any of you had to pay customs/duty if you live in Canada? I'm very interested in perhaps some polo's and a suit down the road, but the customs + duties just kill me and would put the suit over $1000 (which it is worth, but it get's steep).   Thanks Mario
Wish this was a bit bigger, great belt!
Hi guys..   Was doing the collar ring removal guide that we have on here, and I then washed my shirts to find there is a couple of blueish spots/stains on the collar of my pink shirt. I tried everything from just washing the collar in cold water, to letting it sit in vinegar/water for 30 mins. It came out a bit but not too much. Are there any other steps before I have to take it to a cleaner and hope for the best? I was thinking it could have been from Tide pods I...
The best.
I was advised NOT to buy shoe trees from other members because apparently they are overpriced and have caused issues with customs.
Agreed.   Love the tie/shade of purple. Jealous!
Hm..you may be right. Either way, I think both look beautiful so I am not terribly upset.
Yes, I said the same thing. I thought maybe it was the lighting, but it could be they screwed up my order (but that color looks amazing aswell). My father is actually partly color blind so his word insn't the best ! haha. I will post a picture on Thursday, no worries!
Will be here until Monday morning so brunch will definetely be an option. On another note, I did end up getting a table at Patria for Thursday based on your reccomendation. The menu, looks much more traditional then Cava.
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