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Wow. Ordered some coffee, shipped from Montreal, and then it suddenly said item processed in Richmond BC...I am in Toronto...wtf
I have yet to really hear good things about the shirts. Honestly, they don't look to bad but when you've got some shirts (the ones priced at $149), why buy one when you can get a Napoli or Borrelli for the same/less and made in Italy?
Well the weekend was good. Patria was good, but not great. Paella was lacking in meat, and the value wasn't there. Still a nice spot though. Harbord room was fantastic, had a great Charcuterie and flank steak. Cocktails were on point.   The real star was Jacobs. One word: Outstanding. Gorgeous restaurant, exceptional food although frankly, the wine list was overpriced but they have great cocktails. Try the 'Aviator'!   Finally, Capagnola was great as well....
damn ..that hurt. No. I didn't buy them for the name, it was a good price and I'm not really a fan of Persols.
Gearing up for spring.      
Guys, what SC fit most resembles the Napoli? I found it to be quite nice in the shoulders and the overall fit was perfect for me as I have bigger traps/shoulders.
Cheers! Much better ordering things online because let's be real..the shopping in Toronto isn't that great.
Gentlemen, for those that have ordered items/trial suits/finished suit ect, have any of you had to pay customs/duty if you live in Canada? I'm very interested in perhaps some polo's and a suit down the road, but the customs + duties just kill me and would put the suit over $1000 (which it is worth, but it get's steep).   Thanks Mario
Wish this was a bit bigger, great belt!
Hi guys..   Was doing the collar ring removal guide that we have on here, and I then washed my shirts to find there is a couple of blueish spots/stains on the collar of my pink shirt. I tried everything from just washing the collar in cold water, to letting it sit in vinegar/water for 30 mins. It came out a bit but not too much. Are there any other steps before I have to take it to a cleaner and hope for the best? I was thinking it could have been from Tide pods I...
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