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Just bought a gorgeous yet simple white Borrelli. Cheers!
Same here, it looks simple but quite stylish. I think this would be usful in April/May when the temperatures get warmer but not warm enough yet. This jacket would also be great in October/Nov when it isn't cold enough yet.   The shoulder measurements seem slim though..   Any news on SuitSupply Toronto?
Wow. Ordered some coffee, shipped from Montreal, and then it suddenly said item processed in Richmond BC...I am in
I have yet to really hear good things about the shirts. Honestly, they don't look to bad but when you've got some shirts (the ones priced at $149), why buy one when you can get a Napoli or Borrelli for the same/less and made in Italy?
Well the weekend was good. Patria was good, but not great. Paella was lacking in meat, and the value wasn't there. Still a nice spot though. Harbord room was fantastic, had a great Charcuterie and flank steak. Cocktails were on point.   The real star was Jacobs. One word: Outstanding. Gorgeous restaurant, exceptional food although frankly, the wine list was overpriced but they have great cocktails. Try the 'Aviator'!   Finally, Capagnola was great as well....
damn ..that hurt. No. I didn't buy them for the name, it was a good price and I'm not really a fan of Persols.
Gearing up for spring.      
Guys, what SC fit most resembles the Napoli? I found it to be quite nice in the shoulders and the overall fit was perfect for me as I have bigger traps/shoulders.
Cheers! Much better ordering things online because let's be real..the shopping in Toronto isn't that great.
Gentlemen, for those that have ordered items/trial suits/finished suit ect, have any of you had to pay customs/duty if you live in Canada? I'm very interested in perhaps some polo's and a suit down the road, but the customs + duties just kill me and would put the suit over $1000 (which it is worth, but it get's steep).   Thanks Mario
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