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You guys were right. Once you own a Borrelli..you never go back.   From STF. No duty or customs, Ian is the man.      
In my opinion, my Napoli pants fit pretty low.
Thanks for the run down, appreciate it. I love my blue pinstripe Napoli, but I think any narrower in the shoulders and it just wouldn't work out well. I already had to size up to 36W pants for a 40R jacket because the legs are fairly slim. SS makes great suits for the price, but for guys with athletic bodies or bigger thighs, it isn't the best choice unless you take the Napoli and exchange the pants which you can only do on two models I believe. I think my next suit will...
If you're ever interested, I have a 40R Napoli that you can check out.
Just thinking out loud here, but has anyone ever simply gone to Meermin and said, I'm a size "x", what do you have in stock? I imagine this would save time but it'd be a luck of the draw. Just curious. 
I want another pair as well! But as a second year college student, its tough. I have to actually save money but this damn forum has me addicted. I work for a major airport in advertising and sponsorship (intern for 4 months) and everyone looks at me and says, where did you get [insert article here].   My parents arent too happy. hahaha
The color is gorgeous. Wore them out for dinner with a nice navy SS suit, and the color really prevailed. Definitely got a lot of looks wearing them in Toronto. 
Guys, sorry for the late pictures. Here are my Classic DBs in LIGHT brown. The color is very similar to my pictures, but they are quite a bit darker then the pictures on the website. Quite a lovely cognac/brown color. Comfortable, but a bit narrow. These were after 1 full day of wear.          
Never knew about Le Cube. What a clever machine. Love the cup warmers and folding/tilting water reservoir. What did they retail for? Found a couple on eBay for $400
No difference at all really, I could have gone to the Bay but its so hard because I work at Pearson and live in Etobicoke.    They did refund my shipping but it hasn't moved since the 10th when it was still in Richmond..should have just gone to The Bay. :(
New Posts  All Forums: