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die sind einfach zu jung zu verstehen, leider dauert es einige zeit bis sie demütig  werden.
  Der Mueller ist einen show-mann.. aber warum mögen sie nicht die anderen? Der Neuer ist ja ein super torwart, und Schweinsteiger kann auch gut spielen.
I speak German actually and carry a German passport. Sorry you're all pissy. I think you confuse confidence with arrogance.
Victor- Gorgeous.
  That can be said by any nation, and not just Germany. Out of all the teams at Euro, Germany has been one of the most respectful. I've seen a lot of calls that should have gone in favor of Germany but didn't.
I've been dinged a few times but it depends on the company. If anyone EVER ships stuff to me by UPS, I call them and tell them that I will clear the package myself instead of using them as a broker (much more expensive). 
IMO the shoes throw off the whole look. Otherwise it looks great..its just the shoes 'pop' too much for me.
Gorgeous suit. Company?
Agreed.   Also - The second 15.5 shirt with french cuffs, what color is that? (im slightly color blind..) 
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