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Wearing this today: Love it, very fresh.  
Love the tie on NOBD
Had a wonderful Erdinger last night.
So many favourites, Indirya is definitely up there as well as Ristretto and Rosabaya.
My life - Slaughterhouse
It comes down to what YOU'RE comfortable with spending. I don't know your salary, bank records and tax receipts so really its what you want to spend. I'm a college student but work full time. I'm about to buy $400 dollar Sutor's because I know that they will last me and I take care of my things. I rather have a smaller number of good quality/more expensive items then a large amount of cheap terrible quality stuff. That being said, as a second year college student I would...
Seeing Victor and others every day makes me wish I had more money at the moment..
Agreed. The other comments were constructive..telling someone his body shape isn't good for a young guy is pretty rude.
  What is a nice body "shape"?
die sind einfach zu jung zu verstehen, leider dauert es einige zeit bis sie demütig  werden.
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