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I'm a diehard espresso drinker but for me being a college student, the simplicity of Nespresso is perfect. It fits ontop of my fridge and there is really no mess. The espresso is very good although obviously not as good as being at an Italian cafe. The best part for me is the online ordering, it will be at my door in no more then 2 days and its a flat shipping rate no matter how much you order.   The customer service line is also fantastic.  
Wearing this today: Love it, very fresh.  
Love the tie on NOBD
Had a wonderful Erdinger last night.
So many favourites, Indirya is definitely up there as well as Ristretto and Rosabaya.
My life - Slaughterhouse
It comes down to what YOU'RE comfortable with spending. I don't know your salary, bank records and tax receipts so really its what you want to spend. I'm a college student but work full time. I'm about to buy $400 dollar Sutor's because I know that they will last me and I take care of my things. I rather have a smaller number of good quality/more expensive items then a large amount of cheap terrible quality stuff. That being said, as a second year college student I would...
Seeing Victor and others every day makes me wish I had more money at the moment..
Agreed. The other comments were constructive..telling someone his body shape isn't good for a young guy is pretty rude.
  What is a nice body "shape"?
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