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Very...very..jealous. I'll get there someday hahaha!
Pants look quite baggy, you would benefit from a slimmer pant.
Only pants I would ever show ankle with are chino/khakis. The rest would look silly otherwise. (my opinion)
Sounds great! Which suits did you order?  
  On the contrary, I barely have any spare time at all now a days, however I simply meant that I rather spend the extra time to ensure something is done right, that's all. Apologies if it offended you.
Honestly I rather spend 2 hour on the bus to get to a really good tailor than use a questionable one whos closer..
Changed it to 'novice' ;) . I knew that, that would probably be the answer. I went to a local men's store yesterday and he said a black belt would look better (very odd). Now I just need to find a a belt in that color area.     Thanks!
The Retina display is unreal eh?
Two questions:   Cognac brown shoes with grey pants - yay or nay?     Secondly: Is it recommended I get a belt the same shade as my shoes to wear with them? Would a black belt look off?   Sorry for the novice questions.
Would love to see England beat Italy.  
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