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Pants look quite baggy, you would benefit from a slimmer pant.
Only pants I would ever show ankle with are chino/khakis. The rest would look silly otherwise. (my opinion)
Sounds great! Which suits did you order?  
  On the contrary, I barely have any spare time at all now a days, however I simply meant that I rather spend the extra time to ensure something is done right, that's all. Apologies if it offended you.
Honestly I rather spend 2 hour on the bus to get to a really good tailor than use a questionable one whos closer..
Changed it to 'novice' ;) . I knew that, that would probably be the answer. I went to a local men's store yesterday and he said a black belt would look better (very odd). Now I just need to find a a belt in that color area.     Thanks!
The Retina display is unreal eh?
Two questions:   Cognac brown shoes with grey pants - yay or nay?     Secondly: Is it recommended I get a belt the same shade as my shoes to wear with them? Would a black belt look off?   Sorry for the novice questions.
Would love to see England beat Italy.  
I'm a diehard espresso drinker but for me being a college student, the simplicity of Nespresso is perfect. It fits ontop of my fridge and there is really no mess. The espresso is very good although obviously not as good as being at an Italian cafe. The best part for me is the online ordering, it will be at my door in no more then 2 days and its a flat shipping rate no matter how much you order.   The customer service line is also fantastic.  
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