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As great as Balotelli is, he misses many chances and gets very angry/frustrated with himself and his team-mates.Past results could also be a strong motivator for Germany, as i'm sure they haven't forgotten the 2006 WC. What Italy has is Pirlo who will dictate the pace with his fantastic crosses/passes. Im not saying Germany will definitely win, but it will be a fantastic game and I hope Germany will come out on top.
Agreed. The SC just doesn't work..but the suit is quite interesting. Very sharp.
England played well early on but it simply faded..the only real opportunities England had were on counters and even that didn't go so well. If Mario would finish on his chances the score would have been much different. Either way it was interesting but I think Germany will have the upper hand on Italy as long as they don't start diving.
Agreed! Ordered at 11:11am my time and it was shipped a couple hours later, fantastic service.
I ordered my Nomos watch from Germany through UPS and the original customs charge was something like $450. What I did was, was tell them I would clear the package myself and I didn't get dinged brokerage just the original which was half of it.
Possession is 70-30 Germany.
Dives, dives, dives.
Let's go, Germany!
Although your post is humorous, my initial post was to see if anyone worked in the aviation field, not start a discussion on a new airline. Yes I realize you need an enormous amount of start up capita but that wasn't my question.   Also its very dependent on where the airline is started up.Canada is a terrible market whereas the China/Europe is different.
Looking at it again - yes the jacket does look out of place rather then the jeans. Still though I think slightly more tapered jeans would look better. Maybe its the stitching on the denim that's throwing me off.
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