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Ian is great. My shirt got to Toronto in like 5 days.   Best of all : NO customs, no duty. Ian is a beauty, and STF is the best. I also orded a pair of Sutors last summer and no customs/duty.
Guys. Have some stuff at Magic Tailor. Dropped off yesterday and supprisingly, said they could do it all by Thursday. Really appreciate the rush job, hoping it doesn't comprimise quality.   Prices:   Pant slimming: $30 Let out waist/seat: $20 Hem: $10   Total: $67.80
Glad you enjoyed it. It was spectacular and I really would love to go back. The gratin...heaven.
Perfect. Going to go see him tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be ready by Wednesday. 
I am not too familiar with proper terminology, especially for pants but the jacket looks great. The only thing I see is something I have as well and that is the wrinkling on the back of your left shoulder/arm hole. A tailor on here, told me that, that is because I have a low left shoulder thus creating this and there really isn't much else I/you can do about that.
Odd question here fella's, but is there a correlation between shoulders getting bigger (dude to working out) , and waist feeling tighter because its sitting higher on your body? Tried on my SC today and its definitely tighter in the waist, but also seems to be riding up on my body. May I should just stick to cardio
Guys. Is Magic Tailor capable of handling, letting out my jacket? 
New SC. Taking it to a tailor hopefully tomorrow, and it needs to be let out a bit, but a great deal. Made in Canada, and looks to be excellent quality. Need to figure out what color pants though...suggestions would be helpful! Cheers fellas.          Love the lining.   
To me, its either the sleeve pitch is of, or the sleeves are too tight.
^ Pants look pretty tight.
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