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Brokerage can always be avoided though which is the good thing.  
Do they have any plans of expanding to Canada specifically the Toronto area?   Just curious.
Interesting..I've got a pair of Sutors coming to me via USPS and shoe polish also via USPS. Will be interesting to see which (hopefully neither!) get dinged with customs.  
He's a great player but his attitude over the last couple of years has been sort of ridiculous. He does seem to be improving though.
I wish my packages would finally arrive :( i've got a suit from Portgual that hasn't updated the tracking since the 18th when it left Portugal, my Saphir polish cleared customs and my Sutors are on the way! Hopefully all this week!
No worries! I have a Strellson spread collar shirt that has sewn-in stays which is fine but any other collar style makes it difficult to wear. Wearing a shirt sans tie with sewn in stays is near impossible. My new Lipson shirts have incredible collars with removable stays.
Best white shirt readily available? Have looked for Barba/Borelli and its pretty tough to find them (found a white Borelli in 15.75 though I am a 15.5) may try it anyways.
Removable stays. Most higher quality shirts have removable stays as sewn-in ones break down after a while.
From my experience, its simply defined by the individual and his/her interpretation. He thinks Germany is arrogant while I don't (I hold German and Canadian passports). German/Polish is a big one as well as German/Turkish (I personally dislike the Turkish culture). Each country perceives the other in different ways. Some though are more stubborn than others and will not give credit where credit is due.
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