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Not a fan of Spain's style of play and i'd like to see Portgual win. Unfortunately will miss the game as I work 8 am to 7 pm today.
We should probably get back to football hahaha, predictions for tomorrow?
Never was a huge fan of brown shirts but that one is slick!
Really? You are the definition of ignorant. It's stubborness like this that make you look very childish. "Nobody likes you and your country" , funniest thing I have ever heard. I don't usually let things like this get to me but that sentence shows your level of maturity. Grow up.
He (Balotelli) set off a firework in his house. What a beauty!
Brokerage can always be avoided though which is the good thing.  
Do they have any plans of expanding to Canada specifically the Toronto area?   Just curious.
Interesting..I've got a pair of Sutors coming to me via USPS and shoe polish also via USPS. Will be interesting to see which (hopefully neither!) get dinged with customs.  
He's a great player but his attitude over the last couple of years has been sort of ridiculous. He does seem to be improving though.
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