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Thoughts on this SS?   http://www.suitsupply.com/white-double-breasted-jacket/C475A,en_US,pd.html?start=8&cgid=Jackets
Unfortunately you will never get a full canvas suit for $500-600 unless you're very lucky and its a sale. That being said I got a full canvas suit on the way that I bought for $400 but is a couple seasons old. Best place would be Gotstyle. They've got a couple suits at $595 and I think they could help you out.
Italy **  is going down.   All seriousness, should be a fantastic game no matter what the result.
My first package! Small but absolutely OUTSTANDING. Used the Renovator cream already and the shoes look fantastic. Will apply polish tonight.  
Agreed. The shirt just looks shabby, you need at least a crisp white shirt.
My apologies, the suit is coming from Portugal to Canada.
Wish there was a white 15.5 :(
There will always be a certain percentage of people that will buy the suit. They most likely have no knowledge about the company or even about suits, but because its Kiton/Brioni they will pay the big $$$ for it.
Hi everyone. Totally random question but have any of you ever had a suit held up in customs? I have a suit coming from Portgual that has been stuck in customs for a couple day and hopefully that won't turn into weeks. My Saphir shoe polish went through without a problem though...
New Posts  All Forums: