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+ a million. 
Hahahaha look at Balotelli run off the field pushing people. Such an embarrassment. 
Hahahhaahaha. Made my day.
It's an alumni tie!
Mine today.
I know a lot of good looking German girls. I prefer Portugese and Italian though
Fat little German slag, you are very mature my friend.
You think Strellson is too modern? ....
Thanks guys. Still hasn't cleared but thats fine. Ironically my other package from STF has been updated since the 23rd when it left the USA....
My thoughts:   -Congrats to Italy on the win - First handball should have been called - The Balotelli goals were quite nice, though the shirt off thing was absolutely disgraceful - The ref was a joke at times, that last call against Hummels was ridiculous as the Italian player bumped into him and fell -Buffon was excellent -Pirlo was steady but no real threats in my eyes -Germany played with class and didn't quit      Congrats to Italy from a German.
New Posts  All Forums: