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Scott James makes outstanding soft cotton shirts that even have removable collar stays. They are fantastic for the price. I have this one and love it:   It goes by neck size in a S,M, L kind of way, I know it isn't what you wanted but they're great shirts.     Mario
Found this beauty on the bay:
Hi everyone.   Normally I have good luck in terms of blazer sizing, as the shoulders fit well and the waist area is good too. The problem is I've been a hockey goalie as well as a rugby/lacrosse player for years and have bigger thighs. I recently tried on a gorgeous grey Strellson suit (on sale for only $300) in a 38R and unfortunately the pant was skin tight on the thighs/crotch area. I am not one for loose fitting clothing but this was skin tight although the waist...
^ Excellent, absolutely fantastic just not sure if I'm a fan of the shoes.
Drove the C63 AMG Coupe the other day, such a fun car.
+ a million. 
Hahahaha look at Balotelli run off the field pushing people. Such an embarrassment. 
Hahahhaahaha. Made my day.
It's an alumni tie!
Mine today.
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