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No shoe trees but ill live! Sutor's from STF.  
Thanks. Is your name Mario? Mine is too haha
$35 to get a blazer let out and $23 for sleeve shortening sound about right?
Goal-line technology approved:   http://www.tsn.ca/soccer/story/?id=399978
Some of his other shirts have the gold thing as well.
Scott James makes outstanding soft cotton shirts that even have removable collar stays. They are fantastic for the price. I have this one and love it:   http://scottjamesonline.com/spring-2012/spring-2012-shirts/hilton-red.html   It goes by neck size in a S,M, L kind of way, I know it isn't what you wanted but they're great shirts.     Mario
Found this beauty on the bay:   http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2009-Porsche-GT3-RSR-4-0L-Motor-RSR-Sequential-gearbox-Fresh-Race-ready-/290735323029?pt=Race_Cars_Not_Street_Legal_&hash=item43b12cf795
Hi everyone.   Normally I have good luck in terms of blazer sizing, as the shoulders fit well and the waist area is good too. The problem is I've been a hockey goalie as well as a rugby/lacrosse player for years and have bigger thighs. I recently tried on a gorgeous grey Strellson suit (on sale for only $300) in a 38R and unfortunately the pant was skin tight on the thighs/crotch area. I am not one for loose fitting clothing but this was skin tight although the waist...
^ Excellent, absolutely fantastic just not sure if I'm a fan of the shoes.
Drove the C63 AMG Coupe the other day, such a fun car.
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