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Greatly appreciated Despos, being fairly new to the process it's important to me that it is done right. I will definetely show the store the issue as well for future reference. It seems a little silly that the sales person would take the pants, inspect them and pack them and simply hand a product to me that wasn't done right.   Mario
My apologies, I guess it depends on the area as here on the east coast of Canada, I have yet to come across a tailor who would shorten a jacket for me. 
The problem is I know a lot of tailors who won't even try taking an inch off a jacket...
Hi everyone.    Recently bought these dress pants at a mens store in town because they are of fantastic quality although quite expensive (for me) at over $250. Obviously I needed them hemmed and thought hey why not just get them hemmed here instead of my other tailor...I got them back today and they look a mess to me. The material is not even at the bottom and is bunching up most likely because the strip is not evenly sewn. Can this be fixed or does the store have to...
You must be talking about silk knots.
No shoe trees but ill live! Sutor's from STF.  
Thanks. Is your name Mario? Mine is too haha
$35 to get a blazer let out and $23 for sleeve shortening sound about right?
Goal-line technology approved:
Some of his other shirts have the gold thing as well.
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