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To me they just look like they're made for skin and bones. Don't get me wrong they look great and I would love to try a suit from SS but I have a feeling it would be very snug. I have large 'hockey' thighs and I'm sure the pants wouldn't fit. This does look great though:   http://www.suitsupply.com/Suit-Grey/P3469,en_US,pd.html?start=5&cgid=Suits
I haven't purchased suit at Gotstyle, but have purchased numerous casual items. Very good service and I am sure they can help you. I have heard that the gentleman doing the suit section is a tad arrogant but that doesn't matter considering the store is great. Let me know how you make out, as I may look at getting a MTM there as well.
Anyone? Mario
Hi guys,   Wanted to know if stores or even manufacturers have annual sales either in Toronto or Montreal. I know many stores have them occasionally but is there a store that has a sale that is pretty popular/well stocked? I was just asking because I know Samuelsohn used to have sales at the factory but apparently they do not anymore. I am coming back to Ontario for school and although I am thinking of buying a suit online, I would rather try something on and a sale...
Would letting out the seat get rid of these lines?
It sucks doing a 4 month internship (buying all new wonderful expensive clothing), then going back to school for 4 months and not wearing any of it really....then back to another 4 month internship
Thank you. Do the vents look too loose to you?
Hi everyone. Recently I had to get suit sleeves shortened and when  I got the jacket back..they were angled. Is this something new? The issue that occurs now is that the circumference of the bottom of the sleeve is very tight.. can this be adjusted/redone or am I stuck?     Secondly, The tailor let out the rear a bit however it makes me wonder if the vent looks off now and too flappy? (Apologies for the quality)   Thanks everyone. Just a little...
Gentlemen. Just a quick question, yes I know its more suited for the tailor thread but I thought id ask here, My tailor let out my jacket a fraction and now the vent looks way too loose or is this the 'norm' for vents?     I apologize for the quality.
Hi everyone, Received my Sutor's the other day and wore them for the first time. They are very slippery and nearly fell in the super market (I wasn't drunk) haha. Is there anything I can do to perhaps lessen the slipping of the sole? I am fairly new to high end shoes.     Regards, Mario
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