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Agreed, very slick.
What about a move to the Bundesliga?
Hello everyone. Received my first pair of Sutor's a couple weeks ago and noticed some creasing and was wondering if this type of creasing is normal? (This is after a couple wears with polishing/renovateur)  
Oh my god. That color is unreal. So vivid.
Shirt recommendations for this suit?   Options are..a solid pale lavender, white with dark blue stripes, white with light blue stripes or a medium grey.   Mario
That would be great, the more pictures of fit the better. Honestly I would love to purchase a SS suit, the thing is I am fairly muscular up top and large thighs..I think most of the suits would simply be too tight for me. I may travel to Frankfurt in November for my grand-mothers 90th (heyoooo) and will take a look at the MTM option at the Suit Supply store in Dusseldorf. Has anyone had any experiences with the MTM?
+1231231 hahahah. Such a good laugh.
^^ I've got to give it to looks fantastic.
Out of everyone, this to me looked pretty good.
I don't know about that. If the pants do not have belt loops then no, you wouldn't wear a belt. However a suit with belt loops and no actual belt looks silly to me.
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