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Beautiful jacket. 
That would be fantastic thank you. What size are you? Any chance you could give me a measurement of the thigh of the pants?
Hi guys. Looking at a simple all around suit and came across this one: http://www.suitsupply.com/suit-navy-plain-napoli-p2778/P2778,en_US,pd.html?start=18&cgid=Suits   Only concern I have is the pants being too slim...has anyone had any issues with returning items?
Hi everyone. I posted in another shoe thread about my new Sutors that have started to crease after only 2-3 wears. From what I have heard, they are maybe too tight in the front or perhaps too long in general though they feel properly sized. Im not too sure what to do now, if I should keep them and just use my regular renovateur cream or if I should sell and find a wider shoe. Thoughts? They've always been kept in shoe trees.       EDIT: Would getting the...
Actually I didn't buy based on 'looks' my friend. It is very difficult to size shoes and took advice from STF that said to buy true to size.
Agreed, very slick.
What about a move to the Bundesliga?
Hello everyone. Received my first pair of Sutor's a couple weeks ago and noticed some creasing and was wondering if this type of creasing is normal? (This is after a couple wears with polishing/renovateur)  
Oh my god. That color is unreal. So vivid.
Shirt recommendations for this suit?   Options are..a solid pale lavender, white with dark blue stripes, white with light blue stripes or a medium grey.   Mario
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