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Most airlines are looking for a degree now.
Wow. Im actually in aviation. Right now is a great time to be in aviation as the majority of pilots are retiring. Most airlines will not even look at you without some sort of post secondary education. Where are you located? Arizona or Florida?
Perfect thanks. For some reason I thought $195 was a bit high for these. The leather didn't seem all the great, nor does it in the photos. Will stick with AE or possible Meermin.
Hi guys.   Going to be in the market soon for a pair of 'dressy' boots. I am not doing an internship again until January which is prime winter time and I will need boots. My dilema is to pair a boots and possibly a pair of Meermin's, or to simply shell out 300 or so on AE Fifth Streets which are more dressy. In Toronto I came across a brand called Base London and they have interesting boots although not quite 'dressy'. Has anyone had any experiences? Is it worth the...
So upset this isn't a bit longer. Nice belt!
Beautiful jacket. 
That would be fantastic thank you. What size are you? Any chance you could give me a measurement of the thigh of the pants?
Hi guys. Looking at a simple all around suit and came across this one:,en_US,pd.html?start=18&cgid=Suits   Only concern I have is the pants being too slim...has anyone had any issues with returning items?
Hi everyone. I posted in another shoe thread about my new Sutors that have started to crease after only 2-3 wears. From what I have heard, they are maybe too tight in the front or perhaps too long in general though they feel properly sized. Im not too sure what to do now, if I should keep them and just use my regular renovateur cream or if I should sell and find a wider shoe. Thoughts? They've always been kept in shoe trees.       EDIT: Would getting the...
Actually I didn't buy based on 'looks' my friend. It is very difficult to size shoes and took advice from STF that said to buy true to size.
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