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My team, Schalke pulled out a win which was great. Games tomorrow should be good as well. Very excited for the Bayern game as well as Juve's.    My favourite goal today: 
Awesome link thanks so much!
I will miss most of the Champions League games tomorrow however I was wondering if someone had a site where games are recorded or something so I can watch the game later on. Any thoughts? It's the Schalke game.
Has anyone tried this for polo shirts?
Wow..was not expecting that. Agreed on the vest, just looks a little flat to me without contouring to the body.
Canada losing 2-0 to Panama at the moment.
Has anyone tried CG's new Lodge Vest? Im debating between the Lodge Vest and the Freestyle Vest but the Lodge seems a bit slimmer.
Would have been better if you didn't put your hand in your pant pocket but I think the shoulders look fine and it doesn't look too tight but the pulling could be from your hand in your pocket..
Holy.... Not going to lie, when you break it down like that.. it really turns me off. I mean of course they are gorgeous shoes. However when I see AE's on sale and even the fifth street boots I was looking at for $280 it seems much more logistical to purchase AE's closer to home.
Calling out my ex on Twitter. We could have been best friends and probably have worked it out but I had to make that stupid remark on Twitter. Lost my best friend to it.
New Posts  All Forums: