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Would have been better if you didn't put your hand in your pant pocket but I think the shoulders look fine and it doesn't look too tight but the pulling could be from your hand in your pocket..
Holy.... Not going to lie, when you break it down like that.. it really turns me off. I mean of course they are gorgeous shoes. However when I see AE's on sale and even the fifth street boots I was looking at for $280 it seems much more logistical to purchase AE's closer to home.
Calling out my ex on Twitter. We could have been best friends and probably have worked it out but I had to make that stupid remark on Twitter. Lost my best friend to it.
Oh my. 
A big plus with Suit Supply is they include a return shipping label, so you can buy numerous different suits and simply return the ones you do not want.
That's actually kinda surprising. I'm planning on ordering a pair of Classics here to Canada..will I have these customs issues as well?
Wow, fantastic. Let's say $120. I do have a Holt Renfrew as well as Sephora, and The Bay near by so I will take a look. I've always wanted Tom Ford but I am not sure of the price range, especially here in Canada. Honestly I've never really had a fall fragrances as I am more of a citrus guy but I love that woody hints with slight orange/tangerine/grapefruit. 
Thought I would ask. Any recommendations for a good fall scent? Would like something woody/interesting. Scents I already have : Chanel Allure Homme, L'eau Dissey, Paco Rabanne, Gucci Guilty (which I forgot back home)   Some have said Hermes have a good fall cologne but I am not sure of the name..   Mario
Most airlines are looking for a degree now.
Wow. Im actually in aviation. Right now is a great time to be in aviation as the majority of pilots are retiring. Most airlines will not even look at you without some sort of post secondary education. Where are you located? Arizona or Florida?
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