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It sucks you can only get different pants with two Napoli suits.. for that reason alone I most likely won't be purchasing a suit from Suitsupply again and will probably have to look at Kent Wang...   I hate having "goalie thighs".
Hi guys, been a while since I've posted (college calls). Opinions on the new fall/winter? Love the new jackets especially the red one even if it's a bit out there.,en_US,pd.html?start=6&cgid=Pre-Order
Nespresso announced that three new blends will be added to their regular line up:   Ciocattino   Caramelito   Vanilio   All at $0.75
Would be interested if you don't mind a younger gentleman there! ;) 
Hi guys,   Was watching the new season of MasterChef and one of the first dishes was served with a beer I have never seen before. Could someone identify it? You can see it at 8:36 ish of the Youtube video:   For a better view 8:59   Cheers,   Mario
Hi guys,    Purchased a gorgeous beige ish sportcoat a couple months ago but haven't had a chance to wear it because of the summer nature-ish of the sportcoat. I'm a bit confused as to what pants to wear with it (color). Would light/dark grey work or perhaps something different? Little lost on this one.      
Both Trieste and Napoli are delicious.   In other news, broke my first Bodum espresso cup in over a year. Pretty good.
Can anyone confirm if they are available in Canadian boutiques? Might head down to The Bay later.
You can. Only for the blue pinstripe Napoli and the grey pinstripe Napoli.
Magic Tailor = Amazing. 
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