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Wow, the 'notNeutral' cups are gorgeous.   
The double walled cups/mugs are superb. 
All models or certain?
  I might be getting a job in Germany for 4 months and when the suit is 299 Euros (380 CDN) how can you go wrong. Thats 100$ cheaper..I mean.. wow. Especially because I can honestly say, the quality of the suit is fantastic and when you see Hugo Boss and the likes going for double, you really have to shake your head.    The only issue with me, like I said was that I have large thighs and will always have to get a 40R Jacket with 36 pants instead of 34. Does anyone know if...
Just ordered these three PS's. So excited. Spicing it up
You cannot add a buttonhole. Mine is about 2.5 inchs from the button/cuff and honestly I don't notice it. However I am fairly young and in college so it doesn't matter as much. I do dress very well and I don't think anyone would care. I wouldn't however wear it as a lawyer and will probably get a couple MTM suits when I graduate that won't have this problem.
Honestly, most people wont notice. It looks a bit odd but not at noticeable as a ill fitting suit.
Just tried the Kona Nespresso Special Reserve, delicious. 
Yes..It does look a bit odd but you get used to it. It's not perfect per say but you could always add another buttonhole. My tailor however didn't want to add a buttonhole as he said he did not have the machine to make the new button identical to the old.
Yes, you can add an additional inch
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