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Delonghi is having a sale here in Toronto, up to 60% off but Im not sure if Nespresso machines are included.
Don't know if it's be mentioned. But Podolski's goal/play today was just unreal.
Hi guys, what is the average shipping time to Canada (Ontario)? Just curious what you're times have been like.
Honestly,I have to slightly change my opinion on Gotstyle for suits. The casual./business side looks great but I've seen pictures of people in their Gotstyle suits (Not MTM) and they just don't look right. Either too tight, or far too much pulling everywhere. Not impressed.
Anyone try the winter flavours? 
Wow, the 'notNeutral' cups are gorgeous.   
The double walled cups/mugs are superb. 
All models or certain?
  I might be getting a job in Germany for 4 months and when the suit is 299 Euros (380 CDN) how can you go wrong. Thats 100$ cheaper..I mean.. wow. Especially because I can honestly say, the quality of the suit is fantastic and when you see Hugo Boss and the likes going for double, you really have to shake your head.    The only issue with me, like I said was that I have large thighs and will always have to get a 40R Jacket with 36 pants instead of 34. Does anyone know if...
Just ordered these three PS's. So excited. Spicing it up
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