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Hot water and will occasionally descale the machine.
Fantastic contest. Gives an opportunity for everyone to share their closet regardless of age (its tough being a college student!)
Capsule prices are going up December 1st.    $ 0.68 now for Espresso/Lungo  $ 0.72 now for Origins 
New pocket squares. Love them already. Might need one in my interview soon. Sorry about the instagram filter ;) Middle is the purple gingham , and the right one is a navy.  
Rosabaya is great as well. Really love Indriya as well.
I think I may do this. The issue I saw in that thread was the constant soaking in hot water and was concerned about shrinkage. Instead I think I may just do the solution.    Thanks Mario
Hi guys.   Did some research on the dreaded yellow collar ring and heard some advice about making a paste with either Aspirin and water or vinegar and baking soda. Do these work at all or am I better off simply using the Oxi Clean spray or even the stain bar I have?       Mario
Soho fit --> Comparable to the Napoli?
For anyone in the GTA - Nespresso machines are (apparently) 50% off so you're looking at about $200-$250 for a Lattissima      [[SPOILER]]
Delonghi is having a sale here in Toronto, up to 60% off but Im not sure if Nespresso machines are included.
New Posts  All Forums: