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So bummed im in Canada..
Wanna make a quick stop in Toronto too? ;)
Bump - This is AMAZING. Took out all of the collar ring on a white cotton shirt, striped white shirt and pink shirt as well.   Excellent. 
Usually when one of your lights (On the Delonghi machines) turns orange, its time to descale. This usually happens once every 6+ months. What the descaling fluid does is remove the calcium/limescale buildup that occurs within your machine. Very important in keeping your machine running well and of course, keeping your espresso coming out perfect.
Hot water and will occasionally descale the machine.
Fantastic contest. Gives an opportunity for everyone to share their closet regardless of age (its tough being a college student!)
Capsule prices are going up December 1st.    $ 0.68 now for Espresso/Lungo  $ 0.72 now for Origins 
New pocket squares. Love them already. Might need one in my interview soon. Sorry about the instagram filter ;) Middle is the purple gingham , and the right one is a navy.  
Rosabaya is great as well. Really love Indriya as well.
I think I may do this. The issue I saw in that thread was the constant soaking in hot water and was concerned about shrinkage. Instead I think I may just do the solution.    Thanks Mario
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