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Just wanted to say how great the service is with Kent. Always shipped fast, and always arrives in a reasonable time even to Canada. 
Done. Ordering tomorrow. Cheers.
Really on the fence on ordering a pair of double monks..waiting over a month is tough.
Correct! Just wanted to take a look in terms of sizing. I am usually a 9.5 and the double monks are only available in size 9 (which was recommended anyways) but I just wanted to make sure because returning the shoes would be extremely annoying. I am a 9.5 US in Sutors if that helps but I think I may just go for it.
Hi guys. Does anyone in Toronto/GTA have HY shoes?
I was quoted 30 days processing by Luisa this afternoon.     Mario
Gentlemen,   Can anyone confirm the current processing/shipping times?   Mario
Hi guys.   I just moved to Toronto and thought I would do some research on bespoke trousers. I have fairly large athletic thighs which prevents me from buying most pants. Thus, I decided to look at bespoke. I talked to a company here in Toronto called Green Shag, and they quoted me $525 for pants, and $325 for shirts + 13% tax which comes to almost $600 for pants. Is that the norm? I really wasn't expecting THAT much. I think the shirt price is fair but there are so...
Hi guys. Going to be at Garrison's Barber Shop tomorrow afternoon and wanted to grab lunch before hand. Any recommendations?
Agreed. The Navy Pinstripe and the Grey Pinstripe are the only two suits available in separates. 
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