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Do you really want to wait two months for a pair of regular shoes? Of course small blemishes/irregularities will occur but common where is the quality control or standard? 
Honestly, even if their customer service is good, that sort of thing is unacceptable. Price aside, you expect the product to be what you ordered, without flaws. Yes it happens, but to allow a product to ship with all those issues is simply unacceptable and will surely paint a negative picture about the company (in time). They can fix the issues all they want, but at the end of the day first impressions count. Not trying to sound negative because I have a pair of DM's...
Not going to lie, I'm fairly jealous. Growing up in a restaurant family, Miele is definitely up there. Electrolux is also quite nice. 
  Agreed. Quite light, with a decent crema. I didn't pull it as long as a lungo, and it tasted pretty good, not great. Would really like to see Nespresso come out with a solid strong lungo.
Do you know the name of it? I went to the Nespresso boutique yesterday in Toronto and picked up a sleeve of Linizio Lungo. Never seen it before and can't find it online. Will try it later.
Got an email from Sandro yesterday stating my shoes will be ready to ship in 10-15 days. Very exciting! 
Cheers! Honestly, not worrying too much about exact location, im in Etobicoke but with TTC everything can be reacher. Will check it out. 
First pair of Marcoliani socks.  
Hi guys. Anyone know where I can get Saphir products in Toronto, preferably downtown? I am also specifically looking for edge dressing.
Just ordered a pair of light brown double monks for myself and single monks for my dad. Let's hope this goes quick haha.
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