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My order took about 7 days. That's to Toronto.
Which did you order? My order will ship Monday.
Funny you mention this, I've been notcing coffee grinds in my espresso as well. Some people tell me that is normal and honestly I don't really mind because to me, it doen't impact the taste. With that being said.. I am also a french press drinker and you do get a bit of "sludge" in that as well.   Overall though, I have been to a number of different cafe's (decent ones) and I would say abut 75% of the espresso's are not nearly as good as Nespresso.
Subtle today.   SuitSupply Sutor Matellassi Pantherella  
Received an email from Sandro requesting payment this morning, shoes will ship 'this week' according to him. Exciting.
Good call. The only reason anyone has a Miele *Nespresso* machine is for looks and 'class'. Even I would sell it, and buy a Lattissima or something if you're dead set on Nespresso. If not why not a Delonghi or a even a nice Jura. But for over $2600 dollars, a capsule machine isn't worth it...   Unless you have this:
And this is what I meant. Yes, not buying from then again would be harsh and I would honestly have to think about it, but I am more disapointed in them letting a product with so many issues even leave the manufacturing area. It's the same in the restaurant business, if you know the steak is rare, but the person who ordered it wanted it medium..then why send it out? Somebody either thought that the recipient didn't care or that the shoe would first be sent to QC or something.
As far as my experiences, the reno is used to help moisturize the shoes. I use it once every 2-3 polishes but I think some people use it even less then me. Its fantastic and will help ease the creases and re-plenish them. The creme is fantastic and is regarded as one of the best shoe cremes available. Occasionally I will add a layer of Saphir wax as well to add an extra shine. Check out "The Hanger Project" for complete product information. Cheers.
  You have to think they just said 'whatever' and shipped them out thinking whoever was receiving them wouldn't care or has no idea about shoes (clearly untrue).
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