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Sent you a PM.
My first ever Borrelli shirt is coming in today! woo.
Random question, where can I find a German butcher?
Here's to hoping my shoes ship as said......................
Mine are shipping Monday. I will have pictures in the next little while if you can wait and really want them. Otherwise, looks like a beautiul shoe.
Wow that's rough.. I don't think mine will ship until NEXT Monday.
I ordered January 27th. One pair of light brown Classic double monks, and a pair of single black monks. 
My order took about 7 days. That's to Toronto.
Which did you order? My order will ship Monday.
Funny you mention this, I've been notcing coffee grinds in my espresso as well. Some people tell me that is normal and honestly I don't really mind because to me, it doen't impact the taste. With that being said.. I am also a french press drinker and you do get a bit of "sludge" in that as well.   Overall though, I have been to a number of different cafe's (decent ones) and I would say abut 75% of the espresso's are not nearly as good as Nespresso.
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