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Shoes were shipped today according to Luisa.
I can honestly say, the craftsmanship is specatular. I am not usually one to end up speechless, but this shirt truly is a work of art. The fabric is so soft to the touch, and fit is spot on. I will save this bad boy for special days.       And yes, I have caught the Borrelli 'fever'.
Gentlemen, here she is. My first Borelli in a bold, yet classic grey stripe.   Cheers!    
Sent you a PM.
My first ever Borrelli shirt is coming in today! woo.
Random question, where can I find a German butcher?
Here's to hoping my shoes ship as said......................
Mine are shipping Monday. I will have pictures in the next little while if you can wait and really want them. Otherwise, looks like a beautiul shoe.
Wow that's rough.. I don't think mine will ship until NEXT Monday.
I ordered January 27th. One pair of light brown Classic double monks, and a pair of single black monks. 
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