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Ugh don't even. My landlord didnt see anything and he always gives me my packages and I've never had a problem. Luckily it was only a shirt but still. I will call UPS in the morning.
Has anyone had a Suitsupply order not arrive? My UPS tracking delivery says delivered..but its not..
I ordered one of their cheaper dress shirts just to see how they are quality wise for the price. Obviously I doubt they will be the same as my beloved Borelli's but still interested in seeing how they are.   On second thought, thoughts on a fall/rain jacket? Do I go with the trench coat, or the other jacket?  
Try getting some high quality stuff like Epaulet in Barrie.....................     Yep, I said Barrie.
Whats the usual shipping time to Ontario? Hoping the fit is good on these Walt Cloth pants so I can order some more. 
Ordered my first pair of Epaulet Walt Twill Chinos since they were on sale and were in 38 which I see rarely (its my athletic thighs..) Super excited! 
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Hi guys,   Learned a lot regarding buying dress shirts from STF including shoes, etc. With that being said though, I have fairly large thighs and buying dress pants online isn't an option. Does anyone have any recommendations in Toronto for dress pants? Was thinking of just going to Brooks Brothers but other suggestions would be appreciated.   Many thanks, Mario
What was the MTM price ranges again? 
Agreed, love it.    I kind of like this too actually:,en_US,pd.html?start=16&cgid=Pre-Order
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