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Hi guys.   I know this may be a weird question but I'm looking for suggestions on the perfect graduation gift... for myself. I just graduated college today and have been trying to think of a graduation gift that would be something truly sentimental to my time at college. My father didn't know what to get me and frankly, I'm not too sure either. One of the items I've always dreamt about, is an ST Dupont lighter. Every person who I know that has one, has had it for 20+...
Hi everyone,   Haven't been posting much on here recently due to some difficult times. I unfortunately lost my mother in January (I'm only 20 so its a bit more difficult) and things have been rough dealing with the loss and finishing my college semesters.   To celebrate my mothers life, my father and I are heading to Europe on Good Friday (April 18th). We are flying to Barcelona first, and staying there from the Saturday, to the Wednesday.   We don't have huge...
Thoughts on this jacket? I have a Canada Goose Chateau which I like, but when it isn't cold enough..   http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/coats/blue-coat-/J239.html?start=11&cgid=Coats
 Just some basic stuff (hemming, letting out of waist of pants). I've gone to Magic Tailor a couple times and he does fairly good work. The guy just makes me uneasy haha. I'll probably go back to him though.
Any update on tailors in the Tdot? 
Picked up  my pants from the border and they are gorgeous. The thighs are slim, but not tight to the point where it is uncomfortable. Definitely 'hugs' my thigh but its comfortable. Waist needs to be let out a tiny bit and they are perfect.      The handwritten thank you note is a great touch.
Just wanted to praise Jamieson for his help. I decided that because I am flying home to New Brunswick for Thanksgiving, that I would ship the pants to my nearby border town about 40 minutes away and just pick them up there to ensure no extra charges. Replied to emails quick, and shipped them out this morning for me. Very excited to finally receive them
Guys, have any you Canadians been charged duties/import charges?
 Interesting - details? Is this the one that's 25% off?
Hi guys. I desperately need an extra dress pant or two and would prefer to buy locally rather than online and face duties, and the potential of them not fitting especially since I have athletic/bigger thighs. What are my options in Toronto? I've seen some nice pants at Simon Carter but I know if I go to Harry Rosen I will be paying well over $200. Any suggestions? Mario
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