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What about Hanley Ramirez's "I see you"? Extra points for having a bobblehead made for it...
You're too predictable.
Yeah. As far as chain restaurants go, they're okay I guess. I have one a couple blocks away from me and have only gone there less than a handful of times, and most of those were for a happy hour margarita. They're usually quite busy which I don't really understand because all you have to do is drive down the street and you'd be flooded with Mexican restaurants with much better food at cheaper prices.
My 1943 Turkish Mauser in 8mm left my shoulder black and blue the first time I shot that. It was actually the first gun I ever shot, followed by my Remington 870 12 gauge. Imagine my relief when my friend handed me his Winchester .22 long rifle. I stuck with that for the rest of the day.
The hoodie is so nice and comfortable that it is ridiculous. I woke up today and was thankful that it was overcast out so I tossed on the sweat knickers and hoodie before jumping on the computer to start work. Later in the day it started to heat up but the hoodie is so soft and comfortable that I didn't want to take it off. I literally fought myself for a bit as to what I was going to do because it was getting too hot to wear the hoodie, but I didn't want to take it...
Joining back up as well.
I've never had any issues. I'd think they'd want to be extra careful considering there are classes with over 100k people and that'd be bad for business and the university.
There are deadlines, but it's set up so that you can do everything at entirely your own pace. The lectures are all video lectures that you can watch right on the website or download.Something you can do to is just sign up for the class, download all the videos and materials, and in the future pick and choose what videos you want to watch.
What are your opinions on these? If you don't know what they are, they're rather interesting. I've been on Coursera for about a year or so. Basically, they are free online college courses. You sign up, take a course on whatever you want from stupid crap to high end mathematics/quantum physics/whatever. Initially, I thought it was kinda dumb and would be watered down crap. But since I've taken a few courses, I can say that it's quite the opposite. Basically,...
Short answer no. Being that I built a 5.56, I was leaning towards the 50 beowolf because I thought it would be pretty badass and liked the youtube videos I saw. Truth be told, I haven't done much research into it Kind of one of those "Oh shit I want that" kind of things. Once I get get serious about building it, I'll do the research into it, including what you've talked about. If it's true that Alexander Arms is the only manufacturer that makes the ammo, and I did...
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