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Rocked up the quarter lined CB sports jacket and a navy buttoned down. Love how comfy the jacket is too, and extremely robust!  
EU 9? You mean UK 9?
I would like to try some  but how would shipping be internationally?
Hello, will it be possible for you to post up the measurements? 
$16 Payment Sent.   24, 13, 25, 23, 20
Love the grenadine tomford!
I have always been eyeing this bag. Hopefully the price drops low enough for a KOP
Yeap they are. I love the fabric ! 
[[SPOILER]]       Hey. Yeah i didnt quite like the shirt as well. I thought white would be better tho. That PS was about to fall off! I need to push it in more. Its just a OTR TM Lewin shirt. Got it for pretty cheap.
Today's outfit. Pretty simple stuff. Click Spoiler     [[SPOILER]]
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