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Quote: Get Smart - you are right. The 506XX (also called Type II) is the holy grail of denim jackets. Denime makes a copy of it that's even better, but its a pain in the arse to find. I love denim jackets.. I wear them over hoodies quite often. The 506XX buckleback is type 1 the 507XX is the type 2 or second edition.
Onitsuka Tiger - Mexico 66 with white leather upper and sky trim detailing. Got them at Frontier in London (Soho).
As far as I know Levi's have only ever made jeans with selvedge in their US and Japanese factories.
A rubber eraser will take the blue stains off leather.
Currently wearing a pair of these: Also have some of these:
Quote: Nice list Brian. However: Quote: .... The "redline" selvage is Levi's signature and was used in all their jeans up to 1976, before Cone Mills sold their shuttle looms (mostly to Japan). Not totally correct, Cone Mills still have some of their old shuttle looms and are using those to produce some of the Levis Vintage Clothing repros. Levi's were using selvage denim in their 501's up until 1982 A couple of years before...
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