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Hey - theyre still available. What do you mean measurement for hip? Can you pull up an image or describe how you want that measured? The thigh measurement was taking from 1 inch below the crotch to the out seam Let me know if you have any more questions!
SOLD Selling my Dior 21cm in Size 29! Measurements: Waist: 31 Inseam: 37.5 Front rise: 10.25 Thigh: 11 Knee: 7.9 Leg opening: 7.75 Asking $280 shipped CONUS OBO http://imgur.com/a/y8HKs
Selling my pair of 3sixteen+ 21BSP in Size 31. Bought these a while ago and never took them out of the house. I've lost some weight recently and these are actually too baggy for me now. Specs below in inches: Waist: 31.5 Inseam: 34.75 Front Rise: 10.5 Thigh: ~10.6 Knee: 7.75 Leg opening: 7.5 Asking $230 shipped OBO http://imgur.com/a/uknfs
do you guys typically wear the same size in shell as calf? (for the same last/shoe) My brand new shell Indy's seem tighter than my 403s. difficult to tell if it's b/c the shell is so stiff...
could someone school me on the difference between these two welts? (both cigar indys). Why is it that the uppers on the Leffot JC Indy boot meet the sole flush, where the ones from theshoemart have additional extra leather strip going around? Leffot: Theshoemart:
I just picked up a pair of st100x, is there any way to tell if they're from the "new run" ?
mine started out comfortably snug and stretched out to fit me perfectly. i'm sure they'd work w/ insoles but i found that mine did stretch some
big hint ---> http://www.styleforum.net/t/164389/what-are-you-wearing-now-today-pictures-only-no-discussion-3-0/2310#post_5038806
SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling my pair of APC PS in size 29 (unhemmed). I wore them out of the house once and decided that they're just too skinny for me below the knee. Theyre right at the point where creases start to settle, but there is no fading at all. $100 shipped via USPS Priority! Measurements: W: 32.5 Th: 11.25 Kn: 7.2 LO: 6.25 Inseam: (UNHEMMED)
how do you transfer credit?
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