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I bought the O'Soughnessey for Barney's overcoat. Seller shipped promptly, and coat was accurately portrayed. Would recommend
Quick question.    I'm attending a funeral tomorrow for a friend. Wearing a navy suit, white shirt, black shoes, black tie. I have a black pocket square, but can't figure out if it looks okay on the navy suit, or if I should go white pocket square, or none at all.   The black doesn't look bad, just a little strange. I also realize that I am overthinking this, and that no one will be looking at me or care what I am wearing
didn't read the thread so I don't know if these have already been posted, but check out these bikes.
found this gem the other day, not sure if posted previously   some beautiful work in there
not sure if they do bespoke, but I think so. In Colorado Springs
I have a jacket that fits perfectly except that it is slightly too long. The sleeve length is even okay, but the hem is about an inch and a half below where I'd like it. Is it possible/reasonable to have a tailor recut the hem all the way around?
not to get off topic, but crashed ice is sick. I did one in Quebec - so fun, and scary.   continue.
The only rule is you have to wear crocs or you can't get in.
don't know about lobb, but barker black makes some pretty awesome green captoes    
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