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I am shocked it took so long for this post.
If it is your first suit, at that budget I would definitely go with a brick-and-mortar outfit. Unless you are terribly difficult to fit, Ralph Lauren, Paul Stuart, or something at that quality/price point ought to be able to put you in a damn nice suit. Look for deep discounts later. Pay a bit more on this first one and get EXACTLY what you want off the rack. Please disregard the folks who suggest that you go low-level bespoke simply because it is in your price...
I bought a winter-weight double breasted Piombo blazer from Yoox a year or so ago, size 48/38. It came with cheap plastic buttons that I swapped for some real-deal French made horn buttons. It is one of my favorite pieces and I wish it was three season weight so I could wear it more often. As far as sizing is concerned, I have suits and odd jackets in both 36 and 38. The only other double breasted jacket I own is a Greenfield made Golden Fleece, and that is a 36. I...
Sleeve length agreed. Other than that, I think it looks quite nice as-is. I'd probably add two buttons and make it a 6x2, but that's just my personal preference.
^^^^ I disagree. The whole short jacket thing (along with high-water trousers) is going to be a laughable abomination in a few years.
Today DC is gorgeous. I ran the mall at 11 to beat the foul weather and damn near collapsed after 7 miles. I can't wait to leave this swamp.
Tip: single row of nails = C&J; double row = AS. Teach a man to fish, right?
^^^^ Agreed. Just do your homework on the people who are interviewing you and have a few good questions canned.
Fewer high quality garments FTW.
I'm with you Spoo. The only items on my next year's purchase list are new suits and replacement suits. No more SCs, PSs, or other items that tend to complicate my wardrobe. Of late I'm tending towards simple variations of navy/grey/charcoal suits + blue/white based shirts + soporific ties. Boring, but when properly executed is perfection.
New Posts  All Forums: