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Was in Off 5th today and noticed a Saks 5th Ave suit with a sleeve tag that said "Cloth by ermenegildo zegna". Bought 2 suits for $800  Made in Italy....   I got one suit from zegna outlet for $800 on Labour day anything wrong with the suit? original from zegna?
lol, that is a big title. But I really thank you guys. Since I have lots of questions to ask you guys.   Since from this forum, I know lots of knowledge about how to spend money in right ways. As a Chinese guy, most of Chinese they either spend lots of money to buy luxury stuffs or buy some no taste things.They are ignorant in money and the dress knowledge.   Personally, I have my wedding next month in China. That is why I came here to study..   I...
for the price and quality, I will go for BR!
Thank you so much, John. I need the tuxedo in December, so I think blackfriday when I go to NYC on Nov. 23 will be a good chance to see them. I will keep in mind for the price and style looks nice for this price. Actually I lived in Toronto. :)
got its   thanks, looks nice, 158 for jacket + 60 for pant
thanks, where can i get it? ebay? or somewhere new york?
Mantoni or Daniele, Zara, Tommy, Black and Brown or others?
yes, the tourist
yes, thanks all.. White shirt custom from Zegna for french cuff for $345
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