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I'm wondering if you would recommend the suitsupply trousers? What's the quality like? I'm looking for some slimfit trousers with a narrower hem width...
I was wondering if anyone has experiences with the massimo dutti leather jackets? From the shopping window they look nice and decent manufactured, but since I never bought a leather jacket before, I don't know where to go in order to ge great value for money. thank you
This question is very interesting and I really want to know if it's possible to alter a swearter... Have you already decided to alter the sweater you showed?
I was wondering if you guys have some good experiences with the suitsupply trousers? Are they similar in quality to the trousers which come with the suits? I'm asking this because I really like the linnen blue trousers with a nice cuff.,nl,pd.html?start=8&cgid=Trousers# As you can see these trousers are from the soho-fit
I recently bought some shirts with darts. However the back is provided with darts, I'm still not convinced about the fit. Can a tailor alter the shirt for me by modifying the original darts? Or does the tailor need to take the sides in? Thanks!
Hello gents, I'm looking for a navy overcoat and I'm wondering if the suitsupply coats are a great deal or not.   Thanks!
Hi guys,  First-time poster but I've been lurking for ages! I recently bought myself a new OTR suit and I was wondering if you guys might have the same problem concerning you body measurements.  Actually whilst trying the suit jacket I didn't recognise that my right arm was slightly longer than my left arm.  Yesterday I ordered two MTM Maffeis shirts. Whilst measureing, the tailor told me that the difference between my two arms should be around 1 to 1.5 cm...
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