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Anybody heard of the next Eastdane sale?
Yup, if they were full price items you'd better replace them again. Otherwise, wears, cleanings and conditionings would make them similar IMO.
NO!!!! Someone already grabbed Yuketen shoes that I've watched for long :(
 I'm wondering if those pants are selvedged ones like the similar officer pants in the past seasons.
Yes they are.
Yes I think it's worth. I've seen this boot at Nordstrom online shop. Did you shop in store? I couldn't find it only $140.
Thanks for replying. I assumed that they are made of different fabrics(oz wise), and they seem not as you said. If I buy a pair from Ebay, measurements might be the only clues.
Guys, I'm considering buying a pair of rigid officer chinos. It seems I have seen there are two types of them, regular one and slim cut one. Then how can I tell them apart without descriptions?
If I were you I would go
If I were you I would not keep the boots. Your point is absolutely right. The leather condition might mean more than how it looks now, and the unnecessary creases by someone else could be annoying in the future with ones you would make, yet Centennial itself is very charming for its features like leather lining and full grain leather(not like other W1Ks).
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