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That russet color looks really good on the khaki pants.
Has anyone had experiences with Nitty Gritty store for customs?
Do they go further than 70% off?
I have 2 Starks of the recent season in size M and L. M fits me snug especially on the shoulder(mine is 18.5" and It has 16") and arms too, but right for the arm length. On the other hand, L fits right except the arm length is long, almost reaching my knuckle. I am about 5'10" and 175lb. I have a problem with choosing which size to wear and which to go. Anyone could help?
  Just got an email from RL so disappointing that David Slim Pant of the suit I ordered is out of stock...... I am not sure what I should do. Cancel the order or receive the others? I wonder if I could postpone the cancelation and keep waiting for it restocked by contacting the RL customer service. Ah, I wish there were someone who received the same pant and didn't want it anymore so liked to sell it to me......though it sounds impossible.
You're welcome, enjoy!
You can get a coupon code signing up to subscribe email ad from Amazon. Here's URL for you:http://www.amazon.com/b/?&node=8439053011
Currently Amazon provides 20% off coupon on $220. There might be cheapper options elsewhere.
I've tried to ask them and got no message... but the boots are US made!!! Thanks :)
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