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Question for those who work in finance/consulting or recruit in the field: In your experience, is it possible to find a job again in the field if one were to take a 6 month to 1 year hiatus. I feel it would be harder to break back into finance compared to consulting, but I am curious what think on this issue.
Price range for the meal? It is possible to do romantic dinner within a large price range here in Manhattan.
1 hr on subway plus Metro North Train. Its not bad, but I would really prefer my client to be in Manhattan. Would save a solid 2 hours.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl a stone throw from all five star hotels. Really don't want to be paying 5 star hotel prices for food for every meal. Any nice bars or places you recommend I check out in the area?
Any other recommendations for to places to eat or things to do in Geneva? Will be staying in the Paquis area.
maybe its my shitty screen and being remotely logged in, but can you put a picture of the uppers? Also...are you located in NYC by any chance? Need something like this pretty soon and can't wait for shipping. Thanks. Ah sorry. A pic with the uppers just loaded. My apologies.
Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 Are you going to be working near the manufacturing part of this? Do you know what an MSDS is? How about silane, gallium arsenide, or metal organics? A lot of places that make these types of things outside the west (and the related regulatory agencies) don't give two shits as they slowly poison their workforce. No, these lamps are being made in a factory in China. I will be working on sales based in Mumbai.
Bump. Going to Barca soon and would love some recs for nightlife and things to do. Any particular area where we should look to stay in terms of hostels?
Will be in Barcelona for a few days in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations for hostels to stay, nightlife, and touristy things to do would be great. I am f'in excited to check out Barca.
Quote: Originally Posted by Siggy Take the TGV (high speed train) from Geneva to Paris. It takes about 4 hours and you need a reservation in advance. I am not sure about taking the train from Paris to Barca. The TGV probably runs from Paris to Toulouse but then you still have a long way to go. Check what flights are available with discount airlines (easy jet, germanwings, etc.). Otherwise you will probably have to take an overnight train, which isn't bad...
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