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Can't wait till he announces so the rest of the country can move on. Ugh...tired of hearing/reading about this.
Now where is that popcorn smiley, ahh, here it is:
Quote: Originally Posted by AlterN So Feyn, you live in the city and work in White Plains? Do you ever drive or just take the train? If you drive, how is the commute? I commute to WP 4 times a week by train. I have done the drive once, with JoelF above actually, and it was fine, but I would expect the traffic to be terrible during rush hour. He can tell you more about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK I underestimated how much a ticket would cost from Grand Central to New Haven when I stayed with a friend last month. Trip in and out of NYC each day for four days. Big to my limited budget while there. A 10 trip ticket would probably have worked out cheaper for you.
I do the Grand Central - White Plains commute everyday. Takes about 35 mins on the express, but its not cheap. During peak hours, a single ticket costs ~$20 round trip. As for White Plains - I hear the rent there isn't all that cheap. Plenty of decent food in the area though.
Thanks for the feedback folks! As of right now, interview is scheduled for the morning of Friday, July 23rd. I was going to try and stay the weekend there and maybe check out banff, but if we can get a SF Calgary meet up scheduled, that would be great. How does July 23 or 24 work for everybody? PS - The interview IS with an energy company out there - traditional oil and shale.
Apizz in LES.
wow...what a miss. Ghana had it. Onto penalties now...
Just rent a room somewhere for a month dude. August is still a month away.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant I second this. I've visited for extended periods since my brother lives there and it's nothing to write home about. He and my parents have been trying to convince me to go there for work but I'd rather be poor than move there. If you're not white, watch this clip ( Thanks for the link. Is racism still an issue? No, I am not white.
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