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Please avoid going to Colorado Springs. Hahaha...there is a hidden joke in there somewhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by CouttsClient I would join but I'm new here and I think I have a meeting that thursday evening... ...I just temporarily moved into the Four Seasons here in Gtown while my place is being worked on...4 weeks of room service is going to be difficult to undo This pretty much calls for an SF adventure at the four seasons.
Hello folks, Up for sale is an absolutely gorgeous Eames era lounge chair and ottoman. This piece is an original piece of the mid-century modern style era, made in 1960 by Directional Furniture, a high-end furniture store based in North Carolina. The original tag is still attached at the bottom of the chair. Check out Directional's other stuff here: The leather is fully broken-in and supple, and it is extremely comfortable. It can be a...
Thanks. Its being released in China on 9/25, so I might have a friend try and pick one up from there. Gotta figure out where its the cheapest. Based on the release date for their 3G, it might take a year before Apple releases it in India.
Gentleman, I am thinking of picking up the Iphone4. Will be using it in India though, so I need it unlocked. Best to pick up in the US and jailbreak or should I source one from Hong Kong or something?
Quote: Originally Posted by cookieoflife For "newage" tango, you should check out Bajofondo Tango Club, Gotan Project, Tanghetto, or Carlos Libedinsky. They're all electronica-club-tango blends. Props to you for the Carlos Libedinsky suggestion. I had been looking for a particular song by him forever, and I couldn't remember his name till I came across this thread. Anyone going to the Gotan Project concert next weekin NYC? I am pretty...
Price cut. Open to reasonable offers as well.
Hello SF, I am moving out of the country soon to work for a startup, and with great reservations I am putting my only pair of EG shoes on sale. Item: Up for sale is a pair of EG Malvern in black calf, on the 82 last. I picked this pair up from Leffot in West Village, NYC. The shoes are an absolute classic, and look beautiful in person. Condition: The shoes are in amazing, like new condition. I have worn these shoes only once to a 2 hour interview. The shoes will come...
I'd do Istanbul and the rest of Turkey or Tangiers/Morocco in a heartbeat.
Zinc Bar is a good place. Small and Vanguard can be pricey - cover is usually $25.
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