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+1. I own stuff that will all fit in a total of 3 bags. Books are another story, but they can be stored/shipped easily.
Some individual apartment buildings are now renting out for the short term. I had a couple of friends from Brazil stay here: http://www.chelsmore.com/ Might be worth a look.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Yeah, microSIM. Not compatible with normal-sized SIM cards. You can cut the normal SIMs down to size with scissors, but I'm not sure I recommend it. In 2 years all cell phones will use the MicroSIM format, though. Fuck - didn't know about this. So this means that in the countries where it is being sold unlocked, microSIMs are used instead of the regular sized SIMs?
Not sure I would call it a restaurant, but Azuri Cafe has a damn good falafel.
Gotan Project this thursday. Really excited.
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Cheers. TV a bit big given the distance, no? Or is it the angle of the shot?
Nice stuff. Anything in D or E width?
Fantastic. Thanks!
Thank you for the comments everyone. It truly is a beautiful pair of shoes. Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 If you can, hang on to these. There will be opportunities to wear them in the near future. Weirdly enough, I was talking to Andrew from Self Edge yesterday and he told me to try and hang on these if I didn't need the money. I am now giving it a serious thought - I will get to wear them for sure...
What is your ideal "job in fashion"? That phrase can mean a lot of things...
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