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Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW Born 14:44 this afternoon: Mother and baby boy are doing great! Congrats!
what's the fabric like? Appropriate for spring?
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc I'll take the wing tips. dibs if ssnyc changes his mind.
Damn that is nice.
black velvet is disgusting.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix bounced check problem -> nationality (false) stereotypes -> cheating conspiracy This thread is going down fast +1.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger this girl i hooked up with last semester but had a kind of weird fallingout/ we just stopped talking was walking by a class i was in (before it started) and came in and was like OMG I MISSED YOU WE HAVE TO HANG OUT!!! noice? Yes. This should be easy.
Check out Tim Burton's exhibition at the MoMA. Its worth the extra charge.
what's the turnaround like on shirts from CEGO?
If the weather is nice, Bryant Park is close by and its a fun time to walk/hang out in Bryant Park. I second the highline as well. If you are looking for more casual style dinner, tapas would be fun. Check out Alta on W10th in the WV. There is also Degustation (haven't been), Tia Pol or Txikito (Chelsea), Boqueria (Flatiron), or Casa Mono (Gramercy). In terms of walking around, the West Village or Chelsea is great for that. There are plenty of art galleries in...
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