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Bump. Looking for something similar to give to a teenager as a gift. Price <= $200. Any recs? Been out of the P&S scene for awhile...
Awesome. Wonder how much the whole setup cost him...
Quote: Originally Posted by valejo (1) Get BD experience. (2) Join a well-funded new venture. BD?
Check out Mamma Zu. Excellent Italian food. For lunch, Cuba cuba is a good option.
I am pretty much in the same boat at Metro here, except I work in risk consulting and not management consulting. I am also trying to find something different after barely being in it for a year . I'd like to do VC/PE, but finding a job without the right contacts is pretty tough. Any advice on how to go about joining a well funded VC?
Quote: Originally Posted by Milpool Sad thing is that no, I'm not married. I have this strange ability to attract women in a substantially higher SE bracket than I am in. My dad calls it a "birth defect" but one of my friends calls it "enough charisma to actually marry into money". I seem horribly unsuccessful at finding the down to earth, honest woman that appreciates hard work, is satisfied with the simple things in life, etc that I would prefer...
Tribeca Grand is nice hotel. Great bar. I don't go down to Tribeca too often, but if you get a chance, check out B Flat. Nice cocktails and live jazz in an intimate setting.
Not to hijack the OPs thread, or butt in on the whole to Brussels or not to Brussels debate, but I need some advice and recommendations. It looks like I will be in Geneva for work at the end of May. I can squeeze out 9 days to roam around after I finish up my work in Geneva. So...where should I go? Quick look at the map tells me Paris, Milan, and Munich are the closest nearby large cities to Geneva. This is my first time to Europe, if that makes a difference. I would...
ping pong in bryant park. coffee at the highline. gallery hop in chelsea. play a chess game or 3 at washington sq. park. cheap dim sum lunch in chinatown.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Couldn't be more true. I also like the way the key member got on this thread, cleared his name, made it all seem cool, and then, offline, reverted to the stance of ignoring buyer. Classy. There's way too much of when people see 1000+ posts under somebody's name. In fact, it doesn't mean shit. + 1. Absolutely agree. I mean, how long does it take to issue a refund? Not more than 5 minutes, if that.
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