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I am in the process of creating a logo for my company and I am planning to use Museo.
Big big win for NZ - NZ is a confidence team and they now have the momentum. I am a bit baffled at their strategy. Guys like Oram and Styris should surely go ahead of Franklin... NZ need Ryder to be fit to bolster their batting. Pak vs. India quarterfinals at Ahmedabad is looking more and more likely - gonna try and make that game!
Congratulations Ireland. Fantastic game and an amazing win. India up next...
What an amazing innings from Kevin O'Brien. Fastest century in WC is no mean feat. Let's see if he can finish it off with a win for the Irish!
Phew - what a match! India is going to need to make a few changes heading into the quarters - some seriously ordinary bowling + fielding.
Great match by Pakistan - Afridi is such a beast - a damn good bowler. India vs. England tomorrow should be a good match - KP opening the batting will be good to watch. Maybe Dhoni will open with yuvraj bowling just to see if yuvraj really has KP as his bunny. Bring it!
cool - i thought you were there. I make it to Delhi fairly often - Only usually there for a couple of days and most are busy with meetings or traveling to get from one place to another.
So...I haven't been on here for awhile. In reference to this thread, I moved to India a few months ago. Been an interesting three months so far - haven't had a chance to think about clothes nor have i purchased any clothes since I left NYC (my last pick up was a MMM suit ). I did purchase a fair of raybans last week after I left my SALT aviators in the back of a cab a few weeks ago. Some taxi driver out in Bombay...
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF Never really had one, at least not on a continuing basis. Recently been in a few situations with younger guys (and one woman, professionally) where it seemed I was becoming a mentor. For whatever reason, not a role I am comfortable playing. I am curious to find out who this woman is that you are referring to. Btw, you might not be comfortable playing but you seem to be pretty good at it regardless .
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