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+2; who's the maker?
Extending the shoulder line is a good move; looks much better! If the jacket's really that long, then it's probably just the camera angle that makes it look short. If it feels good to you, I wouldn't worry about it.This interesting; please post pictures when he has altered the shoulder. He accommodated it well on the jacket, so curious to see what he will be able to do on the coat (which may be more challenging; not sure).
+2 on length and tightness. Also, he accommodated your dropped right shoulder well on the jacket; but I am afraid less so on the overcoat.
Pino wearing the jacket - utterly brilliant!
Many thanks - great thread
@Novelty77: very sweet! But considering the rate at which you are going, I doubt that this is your end game. If you do end up moving this one, curious how that will go, after hearing Dino's stories about the challenging JLC higher end vintage market.
@Limniscate: got it. If a tug on the vents doesn't clear up (some of) those wrinkles, then Chan may have quite a bit of work to do..
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