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I am looking to get a good number of pants taken in; anyone any recent experiences with Bhambi's?
Interesting; I love the brushed texture. Also not sure why you would want the cotton to hold a crease; thought this is more geared to less formal wear.
Quick shout out for Harrisons Mersolair - really good stuff. Think Luxire can order from the entire catalog - not just the colors listed on the website - and would highly recommend.
These shearling boats are back; think I have seen people share different experiences in the past here, but what's the final verdict? https://www.meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=214
The 'other forum' is typically thought of here as Andy's or FBN..
That makes sense, but bear in mind that most, if not all, RTW will not carry Svenn's seal of approval, so if you stick with his expectations, you will have to go bespoke.
Pics or it did not happen
My Omega manual says that you can set the time by turning the crown either forward or backward, but do any members here think that turning the crown backward may be detrimental? "Time setting: hours – minutes – seconds. Pull the crown out to position 3. The seconds hand will stop. Turn the crown forwards or backwards. Synchronise the seconds by pushing the crown back to position 1 to coincide with a given time signal."
Is this that post?
I think the day counter actually makes that watch; very nicely done and doesn't take away from the symmetry.
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