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Just curious: why are you not considering this one (not my pic):
Who not #2 in black calf?
Yup - you typically need to provide a valuation. Should make you feel more comfortable taking it out on the streets.
Don't disagree with you here, but even you have to admit that this looks better than their previous designs.
Not an MB fan, but thought this was a step forward for them (not my pic):
Perhaps crappy pic, but great piece - thanks!
Any chance of some pics ?
Many thanks guys!
Random question: where do people sell guitars online (in addition to the bay)? I have a boulder creek esj4 signed by air supply that I am thinking of letting go.
Thanks Mimo - you are making good points here and I should have been more clear: I am not blaming Rolex; all the more power to them. I am just surprised that this is being enforced, thereby facilitating Rolex approach to differentiate pricing strategies in various markets.
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