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I actually like Best4Best's ingenieur better, but it doesn't get the best reviews. @Best4Best: have you had any of those issues?
Sounds great, but since it's such great cloth, I can also see other colors work, such as green. I would also explore with Steed.
Oic - got it. Good luck; certainly worth it! If not, just have him add velvet collar and cuffs.
But don't you have all the fabric you need in the mock-up he made?
No kidding - looks great!
Terrible pants, but that coat
+7; other people are going to give you so much crap for him/her anyways...
If actually stolen, buyer can file dispute and return it, as it's not matching description...
Don't think this is correct, unless very recent.
@klp2332: many thanks for the extensive review! I wouldn't worry about the divots too much; they show in some pics but not in others. The jacket looks a little tight, but that may be your preference; in any case, it has a nice clean back. The sleeves look a little tight, but challenging to see in these pics and you're the best judge. The length of the jacket is really up to you, but I am afraid that the balance between front and back's a little off. And as chobochobo...
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