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Not that this matters at all - plenty of threads here on the nature of bespoke - but pretty sure Luxire is MTO. And a fine, may I add.
I asked that same question here and here are the responses I got. After contemplating it for a while, I moved away from it..... (have to agree with Dino's view).
@SeamasterLux: interesting; did you make substantial changes to your previous order?
whether or not legit, just stay away/
Wow - Gaz's back! Great looking suit btw.
That looks good Paul - keen to see the finished product!
G: you probably know, but C21 also has these in that price range.
There are other threads where you will want to post so you get more response; do a search.
Many thanks.
Has anyone had any pants made up in either fed blue cotton or cotton white chinos or duck white? Curious how the color looks on the former and wondering about see through factor on the latter two (and the need to get lining)
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