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Perfect - you'll be fine.
@ Limniscate: there is really not much to comment on at the basted stage; it looks generally fine and you just have to trust them. You can always check back here and post pics of the finished product. Will Patrick be doing the fitting?
Quoted for posterity.Very nice TT - fabric is that? Any chance you can post some more detail pics?
Ordered (first) pents on March 11; also still waiting to hear back...
You're not alone....
Are you saying you did these alterations yourself?
Thanks Gianni - interesting.
Not sure what you guys are getting at; he made it very clear that he's Dutch, so it's a legitimate request.
Got it - many thanks!
Put in my (first) pants order two weeks ago, but haven't received email confirmation and the website says status is unfilled. What's the normal wait these days?
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