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That's why your contributions are so appreciated here; undiluted insights
That makes sense.Wow.... that's (surprising and) disappointing. I hope he can make this right, one way or another. Please keep us updated, as this seems unusual for him.
Thanks Penfold - I think that Huntsman (although bespoke for some else and not buttoned up) looks much better on you, so certainly worth giving the extended shoulder a try. In fact, if I were you, I would just take that jacket with me to my tailor and use it as a starting point.
Going to have to disagree with add911_11; think that Penfold is on to something here:Think an extended shoulder may be helpful. Can't find it now, but didn't you post pics of your vintage Huntsman tux somewhere here? That seemed to be a more flattering fit for you.
@add911_11: very nice clean back!
@GUP: if that feels comfortable, don't make any changes.
wow - please do!
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