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@add911_11: not a fan of the look, but it's well executed and I commend you for your sartorial adventures
@CieloJag: welcome!
@MartinezBR: Although it makes sense what you are suggesting, I am afraid I am not the best person to ask. Better ask in the tailors thread, just to make sure.
@MartinezBR: I think you'll need to give your alterations tailor some sense of what you would like altered, whether you go to Bhambi's or LNC. What is your sense? Suit 1: the seat area seems to need some more room, but the jacket also looks a little short (but they won't be able to lengthen that). Suit 2 could perhaps do with a bit more waist suppression, but that is also really up to you. Perhaps just start with some alterations on number 2?
Pretty sure it's F....
@MartinezBR: it depends a bit on what you are looking to have altered, but LNC does quality work (you'll see him mentioned in this thread) and provides good value for money. Details here.
Post your fit questions here.
@greenjb1: many thanks. @DanTheLadiesMan: how did your suit turn out?
Do you guys tip him for alteration work?
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