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Quoted for posterity.
An Old English Medallion pair of Vass shoes that I have had in regular rotation and has been treated well with Saphir products. Beautiful seamless heel. Still love them, but don't have much of a need for black shoes anymore. Details: - F Last - Size 43.5 - Black boxcalf - Single sole - Seamless heel - JR leather soles, but rubber topy applied - Three piece shoe trees - Shoe bags - Price: $250---->$225OBO - Free shipping CONUS
I bought this pretty awesome jacket in their outlet sale, but unfortunately ordered the wrong size. Here are the details: • Fabric: Harris Tweed • Unworn; with tags • Size: 46 • Description: This full-canvas jacket from our JORT line features a pleated Neapolitan shoulder, patch pockets, notch lapel, and comes in a dark electric blue shade that's made to be noticed. Finished with high quality horn buttons, this jacket is defined by the rich Harris Tweed. •...
Just sent you pm as well; not looking to make any money, so just outlet price (I will pick up shipping).
Just received this Jort Harris Tweed jacket from the outlet, but I realized I ordered it in the wrong size (46), so will have to sell. Pretty awesome jacket; let me know if anyone's interested.
Many thanks - I know quite a few McKinseyites, but I have not seen many wear IWC. Interesting analysis though.
Never heard that before; can you explain?
Would this also work on calf?
Bespoke or not, this weekly frequency is not advisable.
You must have quite a sizable collection - just curious: how long does one of their shirts last?
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