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I am afraid the Lauren line - not owned by Ralph btw - won't get you much praise here, but if you're happy with the suit and fit, it's a good start.
Hard to get a good sense from the pics, but certainly too much pulling in the mid section. Is this half/full canvass or fused?
+2Perhaps you're not a one watch guy after all....
Nope - you guys are not alone. Don't think it would be a great investment, but then again, they do seem to keep their value pretty well in the vintage market. Just one moar:
[[SPOILER]] Many thanks gentlemen - very refreshing.
Terrific - many thanks DWFII!
Ok - many thanks!
Any more thoughts on the Tudor Black Bay (whether in blue or red)? This is growing on me as well, so curious to hear what people think here.
Apologies - meant sockliner. Does shoe goo work for that purpose?
Thanks DWFII - you are correct of course; meant a sockliner. Any suggestions how to re-attach?
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