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Yeah, that was my thinking too.   With a non-hardening oil, wouldn't you be worried about leaching into the fabric?
 I'm not an expert, but I wouldn't think that olive oil would be the ideal choice. Something more from the woodworking world could be better. Might be worth looking into a sweet almond or lemon oil, or even a hardening oil, like linseed or hempseed. Something to think about anyway...
 Mine. Received this week, and very pleased so far. Construction is excellent as always. N.B: For those with a particular project in mind, always be sure to ask directly about fabrics, as the luxire people are highly knowledgable and stock fabrics that aren't listed on the site. Tasneem was great about helping me choose among 7 or 8 black shirtings that weren't listed.
Anyone have a ballpark estimate on what the following alterations would run me with Wilfred?   Jacket let out at center back Jacket sleeves lengthened Remove small under-collar roll Pant legs let out (at both side seams, to the degree possible)   I'll contact them as well of course, but I'm on something of a short timeline, so wanted to reach out here as well.    Any other recommendations welcome for another competent tailor in Manhattan or Bronx who could do the...
+1 for solids/stripes. A pale blue end-on-end linen/cotton and a sort of mocha-y brown university stripe linen would be my grail summer shirts.     Also, my MTO suit is due to arrive today 
 Laugh all you want. I have had at least two attractive young ladies express their approval of this "least consequential" detail.
Whenever I want a latte, I always call the CEO of Starbucks directly 
Luxire, how much extra for an "It's a Nana thing" monogram?
Yes, but not double-breasted coats. If the buttons were centered on a double-breasted coat, there would be a piece of fabric just flapping about. If we're questioning why there would be double-breasted coats at all, that's a different line of reasoning, and there are plenty of plausible/historical explanations for that, I'm sure.
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