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Really looking forward to the new suit changes, especially as I very much need a new black suit (not SF-approved, I know, but I'm a musician and it's often required concert dress), and you are one of the few reasonably priced outfits that carries a well cut black suit.
 +1 What kind of configuration did you get your indigo canvas oxford made up in, out of curiosity?
Indigo Canvas Oxford × 1 $99.99 Maroon University Stripes Oxford × 1 $99.99 Pale Blue Classic Oxford × 1 $89.99 Grey Pinpoint Oxford × 1 $79.99              
That's the one. Thanks!
Does anyone remember a collar that was posted in here from a casual shirt, that had a pointed back to the collar, with a button. Almost a western style kinda thing. Having trouble finding it, but I thought it might look great with the indigo canvas shirt. Also considering that inward back pleat from a few pages back. Any thoughts on how I should adjust measurements for such a thing, if at all?  [[SPOILER]]
I suppose I will just order a swatch at some point, but does anyone have an accurate picture of the cream moleskin in good lighting? It's a bit tough to tell from the few photos I've seen, but it looks to have very warm, peachy/yellowish undertones. Hoping for something more neutral. But maybe it's just the photos. Anyone have something made up in the fabric and able to comment?   Ideally I'm looking for something along these lines:  
 I didn't try on a large, since the medium fit me well everywhere except the length. I'd guess it's, um, bigger...  If you're on the fence, and the measurements provided online aren't of help, I think trying both on is the only answer. Nothing I say here would really help your decision.  As for End/Barbour's distribution policy, I don't know what to say except that my order went through and arrived with no problem. Hopefully no one reports me 
 Placed on Nov. 20, arrived on the 26th (had to have it held at FedEx due to various reasons). Picked up today.
I bought a Bristol from End recently and they shipped it to the US (Oregon). Just received it.
New Posts  All Forums: