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I don't have any pics unfortunately, but I will chime in to say that the light gray hopsacks are very light, both in color and weight. The weave is more open than I was expecting as well. I love them. Fantastic summer trouser.
 If you're referring specifically to the toy gun, then yes, you're probably right. The rest of the outfit would be fine though, I should think.
Nice set piece for the second german goal of course, but what a gorgeous pass for that first goal. Great match all around.
836 pages, and it doesn't already have legs? 
 Kopped. Been needing to upgrade from my crappy black wool topcoat. Thanks for the tip! This thread delivers.
Got a few items I've been meaning to unload. For sale or trade.   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]   Still selling this J Press rain coat as well.
 I have a pair of RLPL linen trousers in cream, 38w. Will check inseam tomorrow, but pretty sure it's at least 30.
Any uptown denizens been to Martin Custom Tailor? In my neighborhood and thinking of trying out, but wanted to throw out a line here first. 
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