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Speaking of seersucker, I saw this picture a long while ago and have been lusting after the fabric ever since. Blue on blue stripe seersucker in a nice mid blue. The same idea but in the Huddersfield petrol blue from archibaldleach's link would be amazing as well.  
 Everyone should read Junichiro Tanizaki's In Praise of Shadows, if only for the significant number of words he spends lauding the traditional Japanese bathroom. His general aesthetic would appeal to a lot of CMers too, I'd guess.
The advice he's likely to get over in CM is: "Matchy everything and quirky tie bar look extremely affected. Your jacket is also too small. Lose the tie clip and lapel flower, and replace the PS with white linen"
Thanks for the bump @razl ! Probably can't offer much of a discount for mentioning the thread, since it's almost down to shipping cost as is, but if anyone has anything to trade, I could be into that. Leaving town tomorrow morning early, and would love to leave the jacket in the hands of a forumite!
Moving Thursday and need to move a few items!       Oatmeal/beige/tan tweed jacket, 38L, with suede elbow patches. $25 shipped   Thrift find   Measurements on request, but a pretty solid 38L. One of the front buttons came off, but is included.   Dual vent, non-functioning throat latch. Just doesn't fit quite like I'd like.       
Moving on Thursday and need to unload some things!       NWT Onia Calder 7.5" board shorts. $20 shipped   marked size 32, waist is more like 34". 7.5" inseam. Bought these last year from Barneys warehouse and never wore them. Great turquoise color, simple clean design          
Moving this week and need to unload a few items.     Zegna olive green trousers, 100% cotton. $25 $20 shipped   inseam: 31" leg opening: 8.75" waist: 33"   Used condition, but plenty of life. Amazingly buttery soft cotton fabric.     Polo stone chinos (marked 32/32), 100% cotton. $20 shipped   inseam: 31" leg opening: 8.5" waist: 34"   worn once, washed and put away.
^not a bad problem to have 
I highly recommend Mr Santos, though I have only done major alterations with him, never anything approaching a bespoke commission. He is very skilled, reasonably priced, and the nicest man you will ever meet.
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