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I'm also down for any Tom Ford splits as well.
I am looking to buy a Tom Ford tie for a max of $60-70. No specific style or color required. Somebody has to have one they don't want right? I'm also looking for a dark purple satin dots tie by RLPL. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by mobobs I have a brand new with all tags 40S Andrew Fezza cotton Navy Blazer. Would you be interested? I can send pics if you'd like. Do you have another cotton Navy blazer in 42R? I've been looking for one! Anybody?
Thanks for the post!
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A I agree mostly. However, don't knock the outlet mall - you can get some next-level shit there. I scored some RLPL Peccary / Cashmere gloves for $40.00 just a couple of weeks ago - absurd MSRP was $599.00. (Dolphin Mall in Miami - not a big glove-selling locale which explains the enormous discount). That's a great deal...I sent you a pm (multiple).
Great accessories indeed, somebody should snatch this stuff up!
What is the difference in quality/construction between a Kiton 7-fold vs. Isaia 7-Fold tie? Which one is better generally?
Added RLPL tie
Incredible prices, I wish you had more in 42R!
I'm looking to buy the neck tie seen below in Phat Guido's post, or a tie similar to it. Thanks!
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