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I bought the RLPL purple tie on SF (thanks). I'm still looking for a Tom Ford tie (doesn't matter which style) in the $60-85 range. Anybody??
Quote: Originally Posted by bandrus1 I have abut 13ML I could sell or trade How much for the 13 ML of Green Irish Tweed?
I'm looking for some sleek red suede drivers in size 11. It doesn't have to be Tod's, just something reasonably priced. Thanks!
pm sent on RLPL dress shirt
I'm also down for any Tom Ford splits as well.
I am looking to buy a Tom Ford tie for a max of $60-70. No specific style or color required. Somebody has to have one they don't want right? I'm also looking for a dark purple satin dots tie by RLPL. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by mobobs I have a brand new with all tags 40S Andrew Fezza cotton Navy Blazer. Would you be interested? I can send pics if you'd like. Do you have another cotton Navy blazer in 42R? I've been looking for one! Anybody?
Thanks for the post!
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A I agree mostly. However, don't knock the outlet mall - you can get some next-level shit there. I scored some RLPL Peccary / Cashmere gloves for $40.00 just a couple of weeks ago - absurd MSRP was $599.00. (Dolphin Mall in Miami - not a big glove-selling locale which explains the enormous discount). That's a great deal...I sent you a pm (multiple).
Great accessories indeed, somebody should snatch this stuff up!
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